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Contact Information

If you have suggestions for a field trip, or would like to host one. Please mail, call or email:

Wachiska Audubon Office
4547 Calvert St.
Suite 10
Lincoln, NE


Upcoming Field Trips

Lincoln Area Christmas Bird Count

Saturday, December 17

Join us this year for the Lincoln area CBC on Saturday, December 17, and help us continue the annual holiday tradition of collecting vital bird data. Participants are needed at all birding levels. Arrangements can be made to pair up novice observers with more knowledgeable birders. To participate either as a field or feeder counter, contact Lauren Dinan NOW at ngpc.nongamebird.temp@nebraska.gov.

Note: Any rescheduling due to inclement weather will be communicated via email. The CBC will be this month’s field trip.

Audubon’s 117 th Annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is an incredible event where birdwatchers from across North America collect bird counts from both the field and yard feeders over a 24-hour period. Each year the Christmas Bird Count is held between December 14 and January 5. Data collected provide a snapshot of the status and distribution of various bird species and provide information that can be used to track long-term trends in bird populations. This data collection is available on-line and is used by many to better understand population trends of various bird species and to guide conservation efforts. The CBC has become an annual holiday tradition for thousands of birders; it is easy to participate in and is a fun and rewarding way to contribute to bird conservation annually.


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