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If you have suggestions for a field trip, or would like to host one. Please mail, call or email:

Wachiska Audubon Office
4547 Calvert St.
Suite 10
Lincoln, NE


Upcoming Field Trips


Autumn Tour of Prairie Pines Arboretum
with Sue Kohles

Sunday, October 16, 2:00 p.m.


Autumn is nature's annual showcase for trees and the perfect time of year to visit the 145-acre Prairie Pines Arboretum northeast of Lincoln. Professor of Forestry Walt Bagley and his wife Virginia originally lived there for over 50 years and now their legacy lives on in the more than 200 species of trees they planted before donating this wildlife oasis to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for research. The Bagleys also provided the first home to Raptor Recovery Nebraska and were the first in the state to obtain a conservation easement on their land. Walt is also credited as co-founder of Wachiska Audubon in 1973. Longtime Wachiska volunteer Sue Kohles will be guiding our tour of the property. Sue is curator of the nonprofit group “Prairie Pines Pals” that supports educational opportunities and enthusiastically works to fulfill that mission at the arboretum. There's an assortment of habitat to explore including 20 acres of woodland, 10 acres of virgin prairie, 30 acres of seeded prairie grasses and wildflowers, field windbreaks and waterways, and a Christmas tree plantation.

We'll meet on Sunday, October 16, at 2:00 p.m. by the State Capitol in Lincoln, 15th and H streets across from the governor's mansion. Participants can caravan or carpool to our destination at North 112th and Adams streets or join the group around 2:30 p.m. at the arboretum. There is no fee and the public is welcome. If you have questions, call John at 402-475-7275.


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