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Berg Tallgrass Prairie (West)

About this prairie

Berg West is a 12 acres prairie on slightly higher ground but with a seep or wet area.  It is one of our most diverse properties. While it has Prairie Cordgrass it also a good population of Big Bluestem. The range of forbs show great diversity with Golden Alexander, Compass plant, Indian Plantain and Culvers Root. In the undergrowth you will find strawberries, Canada Anemone and spiderwort. It has been a good site for collecting ecotype seed as it has such diversity. It is a good site for birding as it has Dickcissels, Redwing Blackbirds and Bobolinks.

Restoration/Management Work:

Red clover and volunteer locust trees are a concern for this site.

Type of habitat:

Upland Wet Meadow Tallgrass Prairie


Otoe County, south of Talmage, west side of Hwy 67

Size (Acres):

12 Acres

Wildlife and Plant Species Found Here:

Flora: big bluestem, prairie cordgrass, golden alexander, compass plant, indian plantain and culvers root, wild strawberry, wild rye, black-eyed susan, common milkweed, ironweed, prairie sage

Fauna: dickcissels, redwing blackbirds and bobolinks, white-tailed deer, butterflies, dragonflies



GPS Coordinates: 40°31'09.74"N 96°01'09.52"W

GPS are of the entrance to the prairie.

Google Maps Adress: GX9J+9MP Talmage, NE, USA

0.5 mile south on NE 105/NE 67 from Talmage Spur Road 66D, or 3 miles north on NE 105/NE 67 from NE 105/NE 67 intersection west of Brock, to Nemaha County Rd. 738; 0.5 mile west on Nemaha County-Line Rd. 738 to Berg PrairieWest access road entrance on east side ditch-berm; 0.25 mile south of Berg Prairie-West


Access Road to northwest corner of Berg Prairie-West.



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