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Lamb Tallgrass Prairie

About this prairie

Lamb Prairie while only a small tract of 4 acres, has excellent diversification of tall grass prairie native grasses and forbs. Located south of the Big Nemaha River between Adams and Sterling, Nebraska on loess soils, it is dedicated to the late husband and son of Betty Lamb, a transplant from back east who loved her wildflowers.

Restoration/Management Work:

We have been using fire and spot spraying to control sweet clover. 

Type of habitat:

Remnant Tallgrass Prairie


Johnson County, southwest of Sterling, Nebraska

Size (Acres):

4 Acres

Wildlife and Plant Species Found Here:

Flora: evening primrose, cobaea penstemon, western yarrow, daisy fleabane, prairie groundsel, clammy groundcherry, pink poppy mallow, prairie phlox, porcupine grass, prairie june grass, american vetch, wavy-leaf thistle, evening primrose, compass plant, heath aster, 

Fauna: bobolink, meadowlark, sparrows, badger, coyote, white-tailed deer, mule deer, red fox



GPS Coordinates: 40°26'09.0"N 96°25'33.8"W

Google Maps Address: CHPF+59G Sterling, NE, USA

2 miles west from Sterling west end on NE41/43 to Ave 608 (Lutheran Church on north side road at intersection), 2 miles south across BNSF RR tracks to intersection with Rd 732; Prairie in the northeast corner of the northeast quarter section, and, southwest corner of intersection.



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