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Gewacke Tallgrass Prairie

About this prairie

Gewacke Prairie is located in the Rainwater Basins in Fillmore County northwest of Ohiowa. It has an excellent stand of Porcupine grass early, then big an Litle Bluestem later in the season. Wild Onion (Allium) blooms early as well as Ground plum. The main issue is brome grass and sweet clover. Gewacke Prairie is an excellent example of a relic upland tallgrass prairie.

Restoration/Management Work:

We are using fire in the spring to set back cool season invading plant species and stimulate the native warm season species. We have been spot spraying the sweet clover and repeatedly shredding the prairie margins, where the brome grass is dominant, to suppress the encroachment of the invasive smooth bromegrass.

Type of habitat:

Upland Tallgrass Prairie


Fillmore County, west-northwest of Ohiowa, Nebraska or east-northeast of Strang, Nebraska.


Size (Acres):

11 Acres

Wildlife and Plant Species Found Here:

Flora: porcupine grass, leadpalnt, sage, common milkweed, prairie rose, big bluestem, little bluestem, common milkweed, sulfur cinquefoil, leadplant, meadow parsnip, plains muhly, prairie ironweed, wavy-leaf thistle, silverleaf scurfpea,

Fauna: bobwhite quail, wood nymph butterfly, 



GPS Coordinates: 40°25'50.7"N 97°30'07.6"W

Google Maps Address: CFJX+75R Ohiowa, NE, USA

2.5 miles west from Ohiowa Spur Road, or, 5 miles east from NE 74/US 81 intersection (northwest of Strang) to intersection with Rd 18, 0.5 miles north on Rd 18; Prairie on west side of road in southeast corner of the northeast quarter section


*Note: No advance notice needed before visiting. Property owner(s): Margaret Nichols



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