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Wachiska Audubon Society's

Annual Meeting

by Theresa Pella, President  

The November 2021 Annual Meeting Presentation

is available for viewing and downloading

Thursday, November 11, 2021 at  7:00 p.m.

November is Wachiska’s annual meeting with election of officers. The nominating committee has proposed the following slate:


Theresa Pella - President; Marilyn McNabb - Vice President; Linda Plock - Recording Secretary; Treasurer - open.

Theresa, Marilyn, and Linda would each be entering their second year in their respective position. Theresa’s background in management helped lead Wachiska through the strategic planning process to improve communications within and outside the organization. Marilyn’s leadership on advocacy issues has helped partner with other organizations to address conservation issues impacting birds, wildlife, and prairies on the local and national level. Linda’s experience with the National Park Service and current study of prairie grasses brings scientific knowledge to Wachiska.


The three nominated director-at-large candidates that the Board will vote on during the January meeting are:  Ethan Freese, Kris Powers, and Bruce Kennedy. As a conservation committee member, Ethan recently led a group that did bird surveys at Klapka Prairie this summer (see inside article). Kris is a microbiologist technician studying nematodes at UNL. A long-time Wachiska member, Bruce has worked for years on conservation issues throughout Nebraska.  

The second order of business will be an annual report presented by the Board highlighting achievements (and challenges) faced this year, with the central point being the 2020 Strategic Plan. 


Following the business reports, attendees will have an opportunity to meet and engage in a Q&A with incoming Executive Director Mark Brohman and Wachiska-owned prairies manager, Kent Pfeiffer, who is with Northern Prairies Land Trust. While in person would be ideal, Zoom is a doable alternative. 


I hope you are able to join other members and friends via Zoom on Thursday, November 11, at 7:00 p.m. This program is available to those who register at


Copy and paste this link into your browser or go to Wachiska’s website after November 1 and click on the link directly from the notice to register. You will then receive a confirmation with the meeting number and password. Keep that email and a few minutes before the program is to begin, click on the confirmation and you’ll be invited into the meeting.

November Calendar of Events

Nov 8         Conservation Committee via Zoom, 6:30 p.m.


Nov 11        Annual Meeting/Election of Officers

                   via Zoom, 7:00 p.m.

                   (NOTE required registration)

Nov 15        Newsletter submission deadline, 5:00 p.m

Nov 16         Board Meeting via Zoom, 7:00 p.m.

Nov 18         Legislation Committee via Zoom, 7:00 p.m.

                    (date change due to holiday)

December 18  Christmas Bird Count

In September 2021, the Wachiska Board adopted the National Audubon’s Statement on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as the Chapter’s own goals: 

The birds Audubon pledges to protect differ in color, size, behavior, geographical preference, and countless other ways. By honoring and celebrating the equally remarkable diversity of the human species, Audubon will bring new creativity, effectiveness and leadership to our work throughout the hemisphere.

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The photos on this website were taken by Wachiska members. Many thanks to Bruce Wendorff, 

Linda Brown, Paul Johnsguard, Tim Knott, Stu Luttich, John Carlini and Elizabeth Nelson. 

Bird of the Month

Mallard – A common sight throughout the State year-round on ponds, marshes, even rivers, Mallards begin pairing up in the fall, the males’ social displays entertaining to watch. Their green head contrasts with the yellow bill and can appear a dazzling purple in the right angle of the sun.  Females are more drab but look for a patch of bold blue on their far back.  Learn more about the Mallard and find birding trails.